Best Place for Investors in Natural Resource Juniors

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From this week, “Without a doubt… the best place to be today for anyone interested in the Jr invetsment game.”  Upon reading the referenced article below, my first thought was, “doesn’t this go without saying?” I’ve written about and on my own website. I remind readers how thankful I am that the man who kicked off my site, which is not nearly as influential, timely or prolific as, is none other than Tommy Humphreys himself. I’m older than he, and I can relate to my personal progression of 1) hard copy WSJ + NYT Biz section 2) Bloomberg top 10 lists and then more and more Bloomberg with less and less WSJ/NYT. Why? Bloomberg was faster, way faster. 3) a series of internet sites devoted to select natural resource sectors, both large and small cap, and so on.

Bloomberg remained (remains) an excellent source of timely information, but it’s the Amazon of news, (not just business news) dissemination. A Bloomberg subscription (I almost wrote “terminal,” revealing how much older I am) cost US$ 2,000 per month. I no longer pay for Bloomberg, but at my pinnacle of Bloomberg use at a hedge fund 5 years ago– I used it so much that I missed almost every other outlet of unique and compelling data. Then came right? Not yet, I flirted with others, for example SeeknigAlpha. Or, for Canadians, Stockhouse? SeekingAlpha had it’s day in the sun, but is trending down not up.

There’s zero filter on SeekingAlpha, if one can use spell check and has mastered rudimentary grammatical skills, one can post an article that is presumed to be written by an expert on the topic(s). Presumed that is until the first paragraph is consumed. 8.5 of 10 SeekingAlpha articles suck. Then came right? Well, skipping over sell-side research, which doesn’t merely suck, but can be outright dangerous, internet gambling and porn, one step lower than sell-side research, there are individual websites that are quite good, for instance, Zerohedge. But, virtually no website or blog is focused entirely on small cap natural resource juniors.

Bottom line though, is that to get the most bang for one’s buck, there’s no better way, in english, to get the fastest, most important news on the planet. Excuse me as I jumped right to Chat has no bias or hidden agenda, it’s superb for North America AND Europe users with a growing list of Asian chatters. That pretty much is making Chat 365/7/24, we’re almost there, I can see it. [Saying “Bottom line” and then continuing on to another paragraph is what a seeking alpha writer would do...] has some of the best articles and interviews on any website out there. It’s not a firehose, it’s selective. An interesting word, “selective,” in this sense. All websites have to be selective, but most select inferior quality content. There’s a tremendous amount of effort that goes into which articles/interviews go up on How many pieces make it to the homepage per day? 1? 2? 3? Not many. When it comes to rapid, timely, accurate, insightful, thought provoking coverage of junior natural resource companies, there is NO LONGER an equal. That’s truly my point of view. As mentioned there are other websites devoted to junior companies, but so many have been forced to expand well outside the space that really, really is the best place to be today for anyone intreresed in the jr investment game…. interesting word, “game” in this case. Aren’t games supposed to be fun?

Tommy Humphreys even makes natural resource investing fun. What more can I possibly say?

“Without a doubt … the best place to be today for anyone interested in the jr investment game.”



“Without a doubt was the best place to be today for anyone interested in the jr investment game. I’ve paid a lot of money and put on a suit without getting any better insights than I picked up this morning.”

This from Tim Oliver, Tucson, Arizona-based minerals and environmental engineer (Source).

Thank you for the kind words, Tim!

Our app was a bit more lively than usual today, thanks to a mid morning drop in from Exploration Insights editor Brent Cook. A debate about junior stocks among mining investment pros ensued that starts here.

Click here to read the chat transcript with Brent Cook.

Some of the comments were posted by Chris Parry at Stockhouse here.

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