Dajin Resources: Interview of COO Dr. Catherine Hickson, PGeo

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Dajin Resources (TSX-v: DJI) / (OTCQB: DJIFF) is a promising junior lithium company that has been operating in Argentina and Nevada for longer than most. The management team truly understands what it takes to move forward in both locations. What have they found? It’s not easy! Still, 2019 could be a rewarding year for shareholders, especially if sentiment in the lithium sector improves.

Please describe your strategic partnership with LSC Lithium on a 93,000 hectare (230,000 acres) land holding in Jujuy Province.

LSC Lithium Corp. is the operator in this partnership.  They have a well established exploration and engineering group in Salta, as well as a sub-group in Jujuy. 

How is that partnership going?

LSC has been preoccupied with moving forward on other more advanced projects (like Pozuelos). However, they continue to identify Salinas Grandes (“SG“) as one of their best prospects – probably the best. We hope that they will be moving more vigorously forward in the next few months.  I should note, however, that exploration in the Puna is at a standstill right now because of the weather.  From December through until April, rains make access to the salars impossible.  As soon as the water dries up, exploration can restart.

2018 was a tough year for lithium juniors around the world.  What do you think about the prospects for companies with lithium brine projects in Argentina in 2019? 

The resources in Argentina, especially in Salinas Grandes, are among the best in the world.  SG has very high Lithium values as well as low impurities and no red flags for processing by a variety of standard, already proven technologies. The current economic situation in Argentina, makes them even more eager to move projects forward.  Orocobre has already proven that it is possible to bring new projects on-line, so we are very hopeful that patience and perseverance will “win the day”, and new projects will be coming on-line over the next 2 to 5 years.  And, that SG will be one of them.

Can you tell readers about your lithium projects in Nevada, starting with Teels Marsh?

Teels Marsh remains one of the best prospective closed basins in Nevada.  Surface sampling gives Lithium in brine and the geology is very similar to Clayton Valley.  During early exploration in Clayton Valley, Lithium was not detected in surface brines, but found later at deeper levels.  We think that finding Lithium in the surface brines at Teels Marsh is a very positive indicator of higher values deeper in the salar.  Dajin has expended significant sums to create engineered roads and drill pads.  These engineered structures are to ensure that when large diameter drilling starts, it can be completed without issues due to sub-surface conditions, weather or floods.

 And, please update us on Alkali Springs.

Alkali Springs valley is very close to Clayton Valley, in fact only seven miles from our partner’s properties. A few months ago we entered into a partnership with Cypress Development Corp. who are focused on clay-hosted lithium resources in Clayton Valley.

Can you explain the recent strategic partnership with Cypress Development Corp.? 

Cypress is the operator of the agreement. They are working hard to prove up their clay-hosted lithium resource in Clayton Valley, so proximity with their activities there, makes work in Alkali Springs cost effective.  A potential brine resource broadens their portfolio and the close proximity means that it is likely that the brine and clay resource can be processed together. In addition, Cypress would be entitled to 50% of the water rights applied for at Alkali Springs, if and when awarded.

Why should readers consider buying shares of Dajin Resources?

Dajin Resources (TSX-v: DJI) / (OTCQB: DJIFF) has three drill ready projects, and we are in two jurisdictions. In addition, we feel that the USA has the greatest potential for fast-tracking given Trump’s messages about strategic metals and “making America great.” Our arrangements with LSC and Cypress greatly reduces the need for Dajin Resources to issue more shares.

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