Gaia Grow Corp., [TSX-V: GAIA] ~1,494 acres of hemp planted in Canada, first harvest in ~ 2 months

Gaia Grow Corp(TSX-V: GAIA) (formerly, Spirit Bear Capital) announced that effective August 1st, its shares will be trading on the TSX-V Exchange. Shares outstanding = 200.2 million, no warrants or stock options. A July, 2019 capital raise was completed at $0.10 per share, market cap = $20.2 million. {Note: ~124 million (~62%) of shares are locked up under escrow agreements}. Gaia Grow comes by way of a Reverse Take Over (“RTO“). Investors should review all applicable sedar filings & company press releases before investing in a RTO.

Peter Epstein & Epstein Research [ER], together [ER], have no former or existing relationship with any person or company mentioned below. However, at the time this interview was posted, [ER] was negotiating to secure Gaia Grow as an advertising client. While Gaia is not an advertiser on [ER] as of August 1, 2019, please consider [ER] biased in favor of the company. As of Aug. 1st, Peter Epstein owned no shares, options or warrants in Gaia, or its predecessor company, but he may acquire shares in the open market.

Quick, name the top 3 #hemp / #CBD players…

By now most investors know that there are #cannabis stocks and #hemp / #CBD stocks. Cannabis stocks include Canadian Licensed Producers (“LPs“) like Canopy Growth & Aurora Cannabis and Multiple State Operators (“MSOs“) such as Curaleaf & Medmen, that sell cannabis through dispensaries in the U.S. A MSO is the U.S. version of a Canadian LP.

Then we have the hemp / CBD players…. wait, where are my hemp & CBD names? Ahh, here we go, Charlotte’s Web, # 9 of the top 50 …. and next is …. silence. Unless one accepts processing companies like Medipharm, who primarily extract CBD from hemp, there’s only one large publicly-traded hemp cultivation company on the planet!

Addressable market, stupid

Cannabis companies outnumber hemp-focused names by about 10 to 1, implying that demand & acceptance of cannabis by users and various legal & political entities must be very high. Yet this simply is not the case, cannabis is still a tough sell in most parts of the world.

Think about the global market for CBD (with < 0.3% THC). What percentage of adults might use CBD in its many forms for preventative health measures, specific aliments, or health & wellness? I estimate 60%-75% could be consuming CBD regularly, or at least occasionally. By contrast, cannabis (with > 1% THC) is used in only 2 ways, recreationally & medically.

What percentage of adults might use cannabis? I estimate just 15%-30%. Zero % of children, Zero % of pets. Finally, CBD is legally available in far more countries & jurisdictions than cannabis, and always will be. Therefore, in my opinion, CBD demand next decade could be more than 5 times that of medical & recreational cannabis combined.

With that in mind, I interviewed Frederick Pels, CEO, Chairman & co-founder of Gaia Grow Corp. (TSX-V: GAIA). Fredrick is very active in the cannabis / hemp space in Canada. He and his partners were early champions of medical cannabis, successfully advocating for its wider use & acceptance.

His prior company, the Green Room, was a leader in medical cannabis supply, industry best practices & education. The Green Room helped form, and get passed, many of the rules & regulations that make medical cannabis safe, affordable & accessible today. Through the Green Room, Fredrick and his team made valuable connections with people & companies in agriculture, finance, legal / compliance, cannabis, hemp, extraction and related sectors. The following interview was conducted by phone & email from July 26 to July 31st. {corporate website}

Fredrick, thank you for your time. Please give readers the latest snapshot of Gaia Grow Corp.

Sure. We have a strong management team & board, supportive shareholders, deep roots in the community and tremendous contacts in agriculture, finance & banking. We have vast experience in the Canadian cannabis & hemp space dating back more than 5 years. We understand how to navigate the increasing number of rules & regulations that cannabis & hemp growers face, because in many cases we helped develop them!

Most important, although there are other hemp / cannabis assets & opportunities held by Gaia Grow, our only active operation is a 1,494 acre hemp crop in southern Alberta that is about a month old and a half foot (15 cm) tall. Harvest is expected at the end of September or early October.

Can you tell us about co-Founder James Tworek?

Yes, of course. James is a Director & co-Founder. He has a strong background, over 20 years’ experience, in banking & finance. He was a partner at a mortgage brokerage and then in a commercial development fund. In 2016, James worked on corporate finance contracts in the Canadian Medical Cannabis sector, giving him hands-on experience in early-stage development financing & capital raising.

Those roles make him well versed in corporate finance, mezzanine funding, equity-based lending & business start-ups. James’ experience in raising capital has brought him success in structured finance (including global deals) and he has built strong business relationships with family offices, Private Equity & Venture Capital firms.

Your background & experience is largely in medical cannabis, yet Gaia Grow is pursuing hemp. Is hemp a better investment opportunity than cannabis?

First and foremost I’m an entrepreneur, a business owner, so my aim is to satisfy an under-served or un-met need. To me, hemp seems better positioned than cannabis, but Gaia Grow is looking at various cannabis situations as well. We think the opportunities for a small company to grow very rapidly are much greater in the hemp space than in cannabis.

What can you tell us about Gaia Grow’s hemp crop in southern Alberta?

Everyone is excited, seeds arrived in the second week of June and it was a very rainy spring – great conditions for seed germination! The process of fertilizing, seeding & rolling the expansive 1,494.4 acres was spread out over two weeks. Thanks to intermittent rains, we are pleased to report that the crop has started off well.

I refer you to a quote from James in our recent press release,

Gaia’s President James Tworek commented, “Gaia’s 2019 crop is planted and off to a great start. We will continue to monitor progress and work with our farmers, contract harvesting, & agronomy teams to optimize timing of harvest, currently estimated to be at the end of September / early October. In the meantime, Gaia’s management team is working diligently to firm up contracts with off-take partners to ensure a successful sale & extraction process of the harvest.”

What are the plans for your maiden hemp crop? Is there demand for 1,494 acres of hemp?

Yes, there’s tremendous demand! We can either sell the entire crop as biomass on a per acre basis, which would be the easy way to go, or get our biomass processed into higher value CBD extracts. We don’t have any extraction equipment, so a third party would have to do it. If the crop develops as expected, we think we could sell it for C$3,000-C$5,000 per acre.

However, if we choose a CBD extraction path, which would be more complex and logistically difficult, we could potentially generate a multiple of the revenue derived from selling the entire crop. Timing is a large part of the issue this year. But, next year we fully expect to have an extraction path nailed down.

Is there a lot of crop risk between now and harvest?

Yes, there is certainly some degree of risk, there always is in agriculture. However, we have a highly skilled & experienced group of farmers and we retained harvesting & agronomy teams. Frost in late September or early October is a concern, but by then the plants should be fairly robust. We looked into crop insurance, but the initial quotes we received were unattractive. Recently, we starting negotiating with a party that we could possibly come to terms with.

Is Gaia looking to acquire any properties or assets? 

Yes, absolutely. Interesting opportunities are presented to us almost daily. For instance, we see great potential to acquire assets at very attractive valuations in the industrial heartland, where communities are suffering from high unemployment and a low tax base. Having a company like Gaia Grow come into a small town would go a long way towards revitalizing the area with new jobs & investment. 

Gaia Grow recently raised over $4 million in equity capital. What will the funds be used for? 

Some of that money was spoken for. We planted hemp seeds on just shy of 1,500 acres over the course of about two weeks and have hired farmers and consultant groups to managing the crop. We have operating expenses to pay. But, make no mistake, we want to grow this company. Capital remaining from the $4 million raise will be added to cash flow generated from our crop and redeployed into the very best opportunities available to us in October / November.

Once we’re done with our maiden crop, April, 2020 will be right around the corner, time to acquire genetics and get started all over again. Hopefully on a much larger scale.

Are you in talks with potential strategic or financial partners?

Strategic? Yes, definitely. But, we don’t need any financial partners at this time. A lot of eyes are on us, watching this crop, how well it goes for us. As a publicly-traded company, we will see all the deal flow we could possibly want. The ability to quickly raise capital is extremely important in the initial years of a market boom (in hemp). Assuming that our crop is a success, we are funded for the foreseeable future.

Why should investors consider buying shares of Gaia Grow Corp.?

We strongly believe that now is the time to be investing in the cultivation of hemp at large commercial-scale. We are looking at opportunities all over North America, but first we need to deliver our first harvest, in about two months. Readers should know that companies can’t just buy land and start farming the next day. It takes many months to over a year to get all the permits & approvals, complete surveys & studies, line up farmers, equipment, consultants, etc. If you miss a growing season, you have no choice but to wait, wait for up to a year, for the next window of opportunity.

We are not waiting! We have a crop in the ground, a fairly large crop of 1,494 acres. If all goes reasonably as planned, it will comfortably fund Gaia Grow Corp. (TSX-V: GAIA) through to bigger and better crops next year. After that? The sky’s the limit. We could possibly become vertically integrated with CBD extraction equipment. We could potentially be growing hemp in multiple provinces of Canada and/or states in the U.S. {corporate website}

Fredrick, thank you so much for your time. I agree that hemp is a tremendous investment opportunity that some investors are under-appreciating. I will be watching Gaia Grow closely for news on its maiden hemp crop. Good luck!