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The content on [ER] is solely operated by Peter Epstein who lives in New York.  Every post that appears on this website (unless noted otherwise) is 100% written by Peter Epstein.  A simple equation to remember is:

Peter Epstein = [ER], or if this is easier: [ER] = Peter Epstein.


Small cap companies, mostly natural resource junior miners / metals companies (think — gold, sliver, copper, zinc, lithium, cobalt, uranium) advertise on [ER].  Unless otherwise noted (such as in a, “Guest Post” but a few other articles / senior exec. interviews as well) the companies Peter Epstein / [ER] writes about are paying to advertise on [ER].  At the bottom of every post is a 1-2 paragraph disclosure section that states if [ER] is paying (or has been paid) for the content.