The Mercenary Geologist Warming Up to Uranium

I’ve conducted a number of interviews with, “The Mercenary Geologist,” Mickey Fulp, M.Sc., C.P.G. he’s a Certified Professional Geologist with a B.Sc. Earth Sciences with honor from the University of Tulsa, and M.Sc. Geology from the University of New Mexico. Mickey has … Continued

Orinoco Gold, Low-Cost, Funded, Production in 6 Months

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Australian-listed Orinoco Gold (Ticker: ASX:OGX) (OGX.AX) (OGX:AU) is endowed with expansive central Brazilian gold assets, most notably the Company’s 70% owned Cascavel Gold Project, which is part of Orinoco’s Faina Goldfields Project, “FGP.” I believe the Company has one of the cheapest risk-adjusted valuations … Continued

Sometimes a Picture Worth More Than a 1,000 Words

From an Eagles song, “There’s a New Kid in Town. We’re looking for the King, the New Messiah. We’re Following the Stars Shining Brighter…” Yes, there’s a new kid in town following the stars, that star is lithium and it’s shinning brighter in Nevada. Dajin Resources Corp … Continued

Uranium Resources & Anatolia Energy a Clear Winner

Uranium Resources’ Merger with Anatolia Energy a Clear Winner The following interview of Mr. Christopher Jones, President and CEO of Uranium Resources Inc. (Ticker: URRE) was conducted by phone and email in the week ended August 6, 2015. Uranium Resources (URRE or “URI.”) is … Continued

Pure Energy Minerals, 1 of just a few Lithium Winners

Peter Epstein, CFA, MBA conducted the following interview by phone and email in the week ended July 28th. The views expressed herein are entirely that of Pure Energy Minerals’ management team & Board. To the best of Mr. Epstein’s knowledge, the facts … Continued

Report on Ucore by Chris Ecclestone of Hallgarten & Co

By Peter Epstein, CFA, MBA      @peterepstein2  A new treatise by Christopher Ecclestone on Ucore Rare Metals (UCU.V) / (UURAF) was released on July 15th. The report is from the very well respected Hallgarten & Company. Readers be warned, the report is filled with … Continued

When Good Things Happen to Good Companies

When Good Things Happen to Good Companies Peter Epstein, CFA, MBA    @peterepstein2     Skype: peter.epstein3     Linked-In Sometimes good news hits the tape and investors ignore it. To be fair, investors in the TSXV have been pounded for nearly … Continued

Dajin Resources Ready For Spike in Lithium Demand

Lithium demand from Electric Vehicles, “EVs,” alone could grow 30% annually for years to come I’m on record as stating that demand for lithium will grow faster than most believe. Conventional wisdom seems to say that  overall lithium demand will … Continued

Uranium on the Cranium – Alex Molyneux In Hot Seat

There seems to be a lot going on in the uranium sector in terms of consolidation activity and market-related news, so I invited Alex Molyneux, Founder of Azarga Resources and Chairman of Azarga Uranium Corp. (AZZ.TO) / (PWURF) (market cap ~ C$ … Continued

Netolitzky’s Skeena Resources Funded, Drilling Starts Soon

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Peter Epstein, CFA, MBA   @peterepstein2   As reported, Skeena Resources (SKE.V) announced an up-sized, non-brokered C$8.1 million capital raise with no warrants attached. This is a tremendous outcome that de-risks Skeena’s Spectrum project by eliminating funding risk for the next 12-18 months. A number of institutions … Continued

Chris Berry Weighs in on the Lithium Market

The following Interview with Chris Berry of The Disruptive Discoveries Journal was conducted in the week ended June 26th. I, Peter Epstein, CFA, MBA have no prior or existing relationship with Chris Berry or any of his business interests. This is Part 3, … Continued

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence on Lithium Market

The following Interview was conducted in the week ended June 26. I, Peter Epstein, CFA, MBA have no prior or existing relationship with Simon Moores or his company Benchmark Mineral Intelligence. Benchmark’s goal is to become the world’s most trusted source … Continued

“Mr. Lithium,” Joe Lowry of Global Lithium LLC

Joe Lowry’s Twitter: @globallithium After more than two decades working for one of the, “Big 3” lithium companies in senior positions in the U.S, Japan and China, Mr. Lowry formed Global Lithium LLC – an advisory firm that works with … Continued

3 Reasons to Buy Ucore Rare Metals Now, Not Later

Please see applicable disclosures Peter Epstein, CFA, MBA  @peterepstein2   Linked-In Home Page Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (UCU.V) / (UURAF) has released a plethora of good news since early March, yet the stock price is virtually unchanged, at … Continued

Ucore’s Partners Reed & Steve Izatt of IBC Technologies

The following interview was conducted on May 15th-18th via phone and email by Peter Epstein, CFA, MBA. The opinions expressed herein are entirely those of the three named individuals. Please see a direct link to applicable disclosures and two excellent … Continued

Lithium Demand to Grow Faster Than Experts Say

Peter Epstein, CFA, MBA      @peterepstein2      Linked-In      Skype: peter.epstein3 It all started with Tesla Motor’s announcement of its battery giga-factory in February 2014. That news has been discussed endlessly with breathless excitement. The news sparked a revival in lithium, … Continued

Skeena Resources, Geologist Netolitzky, Targets Ready

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Disclosure:  Please see applicable disclosures here. Peter Epstein, CFA, MBA Twitter: @peterepstein2 It’s difficult to overstate the importance of Skeena Resources’ (SKE.V) latest upsized, non-brokered capital raise. Instead of $4 million, the company raised $6.5 million and it could have raised more. … Continued

10 Reasons to Buy This Rare Earths Company

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Please See Applicable Disclosures Here Ucore Rare Metals Inc. is a development-stage mining company focused on establishing rare metal resources with the potential for near-term production. Ucore’s primary focus is the 100% owned Bokan – Dotson Ridge Rare Earth Elements “REE” property in Alaska, located 60 … Continued

Ucore CEO: Alaskan HREE Company on the Move

The following interview of Ucore Rare Metals’ (UCU.V) & (UURAF) Jim McKenzie, President, CEO & Chairman was conducted by phone & by email over the course of several days ending March 31st. The opinions and facts contained within this article/interview are entirely that of … Continued

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