Thesis Gold, will November mark a turn for gold juniors?

Is it just me, or does it feel like the gold price is itching to move a lot higher? It’s within 4% of an all-time (nominal) high. In fact, in many currencies it’s at ATHs. That’s great news for companies with strong Canadian projects like Thesis Gold (TSX-V: TAU) / (OTCQX: THSGF).

Yet, given how gold juniors are trading lately, one might think the spot price was in the $1,700’s/oz., not $2,000/oz.

Is this time different? Gold feels poised to launch higher

Gold bugs are now calling for a November to remember — a meaningful move higher — possibly to > $2,200/oz. I don’t know where the price is headed, but I do know that Thesis Gold would thrive at lower prices.

Yes, $2,200/oz. sounds like a wildly bullish call, but it’s merely 10% higher than today. And, it’s 8% below the inflation-adjusted price of nearly $2,400/oz. for the entire year of 1980.

We could be on the verge of a bull market in precious metals. Yet, last week Thesis Gold announced a blockbuster drill hole interval of 4.1 meters grading 119.5 g/t Gold (“Au“), incl. 2.0 m at 231 g/t Au., and the market yawned. As strong as this [gram x meter] figure is, [4.1 x 119.5 = 484 g-m], two holes from 2021 returned g-m intervals averaging 622!

Year-to-date, 231 g/t Au is a Top-4 Au-only grade in N. America (among intervals > 1.0 meter). Rest assured, this Company will not fly under the radar forever. The enterprise value {market cap + debt – cash} of $70M could represent an excellent entry point.

Newmont’s acquisition of Newcrest is closing in November. Will this set off a tsunami of M&A in mining-friendly jurisdictions? The next few years could see an epic acquisition spree for three simple reasons. First, alarming geopolitical developments are forcing producers to pick a side.

Will they do deals and work with companies in (or closely aligned with) China & Russia? Or, will they double-down in Western-friendly jurisdictions? Of the Top-3 gold producing countries in 2022, #1 was China, and Russia was tied with Australia for the #2 spot.

China has already begun flexing its natural resource muscles by imposing export constraints on Rare Earth Elements gallium & germanium and battery material graphite. Significant regions of Africa are increasingly controlled by Chinese & Russian interests, making it difficult to operate in some (but not all) countries.

Geopolitical risks, soaring costs & anemic growth pipelines point to robust M&A

The second reason for an incoming surge in M&A is operating costs. We’re exiting year two of double-digit increases of All-in-Sustaining-Costs. Newmont’s 2023 guidance for AISC at $1,400/oz. would be +15.6% over 2022, which was up +14.0% on 2021! Companies can reign in soaring AISCs by acquiring lower-cost projects, thereby spreading G&A over a larger base of operations.

The third reason is the growth pipelines of companies like Newmont, Barrick, Agnico Eagle, Kinross, AngloGold Ashanti, etc. In addition to geopolitical risks & inflationary pressures, internal (organic) growth is taking too long to generate the consistent, robust expansions that shareholders are demanding.

Due to ESG mandates and more capable & frequent opposition by local communities, the time from discovery to commercial production is growing by years, not months. Elevated costs + longer timelines = higher risk. All of these factors point to an M&A boom in stable, prolific countries like Canada.

Canada is a safe-haven and a highly desirable clean, green mining jurisdiction with nearly 100% low-cost hydro-electric & nuclear power. Teck Resources is selling its coking coal operations for $10B+, giving it a war chest to potentially acquire additional Canadian mining assets. It already has JVs on two world-class projects in B.C., Galore Creek (50%) & Shaft Creek (75%).

In addition to Newmont & Teck, Boliden AB, Kinross, Centerra Gold, Seabridge and Hecla Mining are also active in B.C. BHP acquired a 19.9% stake in Brixton Metals, Freeport McMoRan is invested in Amarc Resources, and privately-held, Peruvian Ccori Apu’s recently delivered a critical cash injection to Ascot Resources.

Why is Thesis Gold a prime takeover target?

Thesis has a sizable, PEA-stage, contiguous land package in the heart of northwestern B.C. near (or in) the Golden Triangle / Golden Horseshoe / Toodoggone camps.

The Company is more advanced than B.C. peers Tudor Gold, Eskay Resources, Dolly Varden, Goliath Resources & Doubleview Gold, none of whom have delivered a PEA. In fact, Eskay, Doubleview & Goliath are pre-maiden resource.

It has an enterprise value [EV{market cap + debt – cash} of just $70M, a 40% discount to the average valuations of Dolly, Doubleview & Eskay. {see chart below}. Skeena Resources & Ascot Resources each have Bank Feasibility Studies on their flagship projects. Ascot’s first gold pour is expected in 1q 2024, which will attract a lot of attention to northern B.C.

Not only is Thesis more advanced than many of its B.C. peers, the combined Ranch/Lawyers has better access to regional infrastructure than projects that are more remote. And, a few well-known developers suffer much harsher winters compared to the temperate climate around Ranch/Lawyers.

I firmly believe that Thesis will be acquired in 2024 or 2025. Newmont, Teck, Freeport & Centerra Gold have assets closest to Thesis, but the Company is a compelling target to others as well, especially after release of a new PEA in the next 9-12 months.

The Company expects to have around 5M ounces booked along with a new PEA in 2H 2024. Substantial exploration targets could, over time, add millions more ounces, especially if/when a larger company takes over.

Strong infrastructure, mild winters, year-round operations

Thesis could be a good fit for Agnico Eagle Mines, who does not have operations in B.C., but has a giant presence in eastern Canada. Speaking of a new PEA, in by view, the AISC should come in near a very attractive $1,000/oz., and the after-tax NPV could reach C$1 billion.

Compare that prospective C$1B to the current enterprise value of C$70M. Readers are encouraged to watch this compelling corporate video update from the Beaver Creek conference in mid-September.

In it, COO Ian Harris says that each 1 g/t Au Eq. increase in grade, [per year], in the early years of the mine plan would add ~C$200M to after-tax NPV. Note that the grade in the existing PEA is 1.4 g/t.

Incorporating an anticipated 400k new high-grade, underground ounces, the average grade could potentially climb by 0.5 g/t. Therefore, if the new mine plan can deliver five early years at 1.9 g/t instead of 1.4 g/t, that alone could add up to C$500M to the NPV, which could propel it towards C$1B.

A $70M valuation for a potential $1B NPV project with an AISC of just $1,000/oz.!?!

No one can predict the future, but we could be entering both a strong period for gold prices, and an elevated level of M&A. If we see just one of those events, Thesis Gold (TSX-V: TAU) / (OTCQX: THSGF) could meaningfully outperform the broader stock market.

Even if neither event transpires anytime soon, the Company’s valuation has been beaten down to a point where I don’t see much downside. The share price at $0.53 seems to offer a very compelling risk/reward proposition.

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